My name is Jordan, and my life is defined by one amazing fact: Jesus loves me.  As the Lord speaks and moves in my life through His Word, His world, and His children, I want to meditate.  To commemorate.  To grow.  Since you are also a human person (probably) who is loved by Jesus Christ (definitely) and would seek to live a life that is fully informed and transformed by His love (and why wouldn’t you?), my hope is that the thoughts and words you find here might be of value to you as well in pointing you with every word to the living God, whose love for His people is stronger than death itself.

As regards the information you probably (reasonably) expected to find on this page, I am a second-year student at Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte campus) pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree for the purpose of ordination to pastoral ministry in the Presbyterian Church in America.  So if you poke around, you’re liable to notice a good bit of seminary-related material too.  (Hint: I don’t normally footnote things I haven’t submitted for a grade in some form.  Go figure.)

The title of the blog was chosen in homage to the Rich Mullins song of the same name.  The blog is not affiliated with Reunion Records, the Ragamuffin Band, or the Kid Brothers of St. Frank (though I wish it could be), and no misappropriation of their property is intended.

The banner photograph was taken by Jon Cospito and is used with permission.  (See more of his work here and here.)


One thought on “About

  1. Jordo,

    What a message, clear, terse and compelling!

    I am right proud that you are my grandson.

    Yes, Jesus loves me and you and all of us. Now, if we will just live it.

    Love you, Papa Doc

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