Some ‘Splaining To Do

As of today, I am beginning a blog.  And before I get to the juicy stuff, I should probably explain why, because you, Mr. Potential Reader, deserve to know what you’re getting into.  Blogging is an idea I’ve been playing with for a while now (not unlike 75% of people with internet access and “thoughts”), but I’ve been reluctant to take the plunge, for various reasons.  The biggest one, really, is that I find it generally wasteful and distasteful to start a blog that never really goes anywhere or isn’t really about anything.  There are literally hundreds of millions of blogs out there, and I would be skeptical of anyone who claimed that most of them are justified in their existence.  Unfortunately, the same thing can be said for “Christian blogs” too.  I know that the blogosphere has become something of a proving ground or peewee league for Christian writers with aspirations of getting published or “being heard,” but my rule of thumb for navigating the Great Sea of Blogs has always been that if you aren’t already published or I don’t know you personally, I’m just probably not going to gamble with my time by reading your blog.  (Ironically, my own standard would therefore label this blog unfit for almost everyone who might possibly stumble upon it from now ’til the end of time.  I don’t really know what to make of that.  Anyway, moving on.)

It is of course common knowledge that the implicit purpose of many blogs, and indeed of many varieties of personal expression, is reflexive–that is, we write and paint and compose for our own sakes just as much as for others’.  The process of creating a work and forming it in such a way that it expresses something meaningful about its creator is a joy unto itself, as God Almighty can affirm, so naturally I don’t take issue with pieces of writing that are just as much about the making than about what is made.  However, if a blog becomes a mere writing exercise or, as is all too common, an online diary, it will most likely fail to provide readers with either of the two basic things they’re probably looking for in a blog: content that is interesting, and content that is valuable.  A blog about everything is essentially a blog about nothing.  A blog about me would be frightfully scatterbrained to the point of incoherence.  We are instinctively driven and divinely called to create, and there can be great individual benefit to personal journaling and the like, but–as implied–such endeavors may be better fit for personal journals than web pages that your friends and family will no doubt feel obligated to try (or at least pretend) to support, whether you intend them to feel so or not.

Now here’s the point.  This blog exists because I realized something a while back that I want to share with you.  I realized that my life–everything that I am–is defined by one amazing fact: Jesus loves me.  And the more I learn about that love, the more I learn to accept it, I find myself drawn to tell others about it.  As the Lord speaks and moves in my life through His Word, His world, and His children, I want to meditate.  To commemorate.  To grow.  Of course, the fact that I Jordan am writing this blog means that it will by necessity look and sound and probably even smell a little like me.  But, since you are also a human person (probably) who is loved by Jesus Christ (definitely) and would seek to live a life that is fully informed and transformed by His love (and why wouldn’t you?), my hope is that the thoughts and words you find here might be of value to you as well.  I pray that this blog may, by some miracle, move beyond mere therapy; that it may avoid the snare of vanity; and that it may point with every word to the living Christ, whose love for His people is stronger than death itself.

I shall end this first post by reciting The Blogger’s Oath:  In starting this blog, I hereby acknowledge my responsibility for making it worth my time and yours.  I solemnly promise to do all I am able to make sure it is not dumb, pointless, self-absorbed, or heretical, so help me God (please!).  Amen.


One thought on “Some ‘Splaining To Do

  1. I am 100% positive that your blog will be neither boring nor light-weight. I will enjoy chuckling at your delivery while chewing on your insights! Congrats! Love you bunches.

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